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HE/NU 365: Wisdom, Wellness, and Aging: Country Information

World Factbook

Use the pulldown menu to review data on a specific country. The CIA World Factbook provides statistics and data on the geography, people & society, government, economy, energy, communications, transportation, military & security, terrorism and transnational issues for 255 world entities.

World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Statistics report 2020 is the latest annual compilation of health statistics for 194 Member countries. It summarizes trends in life expectancy and causes of death and reports on progress towards health and health-related Sustainable Development Goals and associated targets.

Full reports as well as tables of health statistics by country, region, and globally are available. Data includes: life expectancy, diseases, health facilities, doctors/dentists, drinking water, and sanitation.

Global AgeWatch

Britannica Academic

Search Britannica for information on your country. The encyclopedia contains detailed information on various aspects of country data, including people, economy, society, and cultural life. Videos and images are also available. 

eHRAF World Cultures Database

1) Click on Browse CULTURES


2) Select search by Country

3) Enter a country name (e.g. japan)

4) Select Culture Summary (some countries may have multiple cultural groups)
The Culture Summary provides a summary of cultural data such as: demographics. linguistics, economics, kinship, health, sociopolitical organization, and religion.