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Research Process: Evaluating Resources

Guide to the research process.

Evaluating Sources

Once you have gathered and read the resources on your topic, you need to evaluate them for quality and relevance to your topic. Keep in mind that you may not use all the sources you have have collected, but you should incorporate the best materials to answer your research question clearly.  

CRAAP Test Video

The CRAAP test can be used to evaluate information you find.

Video Source: YouTube, Jane Says

Evaluating Information

The CRAAP Test* is a useful guide to evaluating resources. CRAAP is an acronym for the general categories of criteria that can be used to evaluate information you find. The criteria can help you evaluating various types of resources, such as articles, books, and websites. Although your research may uncover a large number of resources, not all materials may be relevant to your research questions or topic. Use the CRAAP Test to decide if information is appropriate for your research!

The CRAAP Test was developed by librarians at CSU Chico.