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PY 103: Intro to Psychology: Dr. Nye Library Sessions

Lesson 1

  • types of sources
  • search strategy
  • evaluating sources

Sources of Information

Scholarly articles; gray literature; trade journals; popular magazines; newspapers; websites; video; art; media; podcasts; blogs; books; google scholar

Types of sources -exercise

A virtual scavenger hunt on topics in pyschology helps students investigate different types of sources. Students download a Powerpoint template and search for sources that answer questions posed on each slide. Answers to the exercise will be reviewed during the synchronous library session.

Evaluating Sources Tutorials from Credo

CRAAP Test Video

The CRAAP test can be used to evaluate information you find.

Video Source: YouTube, Jane Says

Monmouth University Library Tutorial on Plagiarism

Complete the plagiarism tutorial below and you'll be an expert in less than ten minutes!


Lesson 2

Building on Lesson 1

  • research plan
  • scholarly articles
  • reading scholarly articles
  • evaluating
  • citations

Research Process Tutorial

Credo Tutorials

APA Style Tutorials from Credo

Academic Writer (APA Style Central)