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EN 102: Sustainability: Books

Sustainable Energy

Finding a Book in the Stacks

Using the Library Catalog

The books spotlighted on this page are simply a representative sample of the sorts of books you might want to consult.  Use the library on-line catalog to locate more books relevant to your topic.

Unless you know the title and/or author of the book you are looking for, research topics should be searched by Keyword to maximize the number of references for a topic.   If  for example, you wanted to locate books about sustainable architecture, you could enter "sustainable architecture" or you could try "green buildings" as search terms.  Since the topic "sustainability" is quite broad, you will get better results by combining it with another term--"sustainable agriculture," "sustainable energy," for example.  You can also consider terms such as "green" or ecological," as alternate keywords for "sustainable."

Social sustainability is broadly defined as access to social resources by both the current generation and future generations.  Therefore, it encompasses notions of social justice, equity and quality of life.  These terms can also be utilized as keyword search terms. 

Another way to search is to browse by Subject.  For example, if you use  "Sustainable," you will find that the subject is broken down into 101 subheadings, such as Sustainable Development Developing Countries.   Subject searches are  useful when you need to narrow down an overly broad topic such as "Sustainability."  Subjects are broken down geographically and also by subtopic, such as Sustainable Development Political Aspects United States.  

Sustainable Urban Development

Social Sustainability: Equity and Justice

Corporate Responsibility

Legislating Sustainability