Building Research/Information Literacy Skills: Research Help

Research Process Tutorial

Building Research Skills

Prezi presentation reviewing the research process:

Research Guides




Access to the best books, articles, Internet sites, media, statistics, and citation help.

* Department guides

* Course-specific guides

* Special topic guides                    

Where do students learn research skills?

Faculty have the primary responsibility for developing literacy skills among students. But, collaboration with librarians and writing/tutoring centers are also very important.

Research study: Dubicki (2013)

Do your students need help with their research projects?

The librarians can provide instruction that is tailored to both course requirements and your students’ needs.

1. Traditional instruction session - in which the librarian provides formal instruction in the research skills your students will need to complete course research assignments

2. Supervised research session, a more informal session in which the librarian works directly with your students as they conduct their own independent research. 


3. Small group or one-on-one appointments can also be set up with liaison librarians