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EN 101: College Composition 1: Citation Styles

Citing Your Sources

Citing your sources is an important component of the writing process. Give proper credit to the authors of the ideas and specific quotes you have used in your paper to prevent plagiarism.

Citation Manuals

Copies of the style manuals are available at the library's reference desk.


American Medical Association

American Psychological Association

Chicago Manual

MLA (Modern Language Association)


Monmouth University Writing Center

The Monmouth University  Writing Center provides style sheets for writing, grammar, citing literature, and the writing process on it's Resources for Writers page. You can also make an appointment at the writing center for one-on-one help with your writing project.

Citation Websites

Style guides show how to format citations for bibliographies, footnotes, and in-text citations in a consistent format that makes it easy for the reader to locate the source your used in your paper.

MLA Examples

These examples are from the MU Writing Services's Resources for Writers, MLA 8 Works Cited

A book with two authors:
Authors’ names (only the first is reversed). Title. Publisher, Year.

Cole, George F. and Christopher E. Smith. Criminal Justice in America. Wadsworth, 1996. 

An article in a scholarly journal:
Author. “Article Title.” Journal Title, Volume number, Issue number, Month or season (if available) Year, Page numbers.

Goldsmith, Meredith. “White Skin, White Mask: Passing, Posing, and Performing in The Great Gatsby.” MFS Modern Fiction Studies, vol. 49, no. 3, Fall 2003, pp. 443-68. 

A newspaper or magazine article published on the web:
Author. “Article Title.” Newspaper or Magazine Title, Date of Publication (if available). URL (without http:// or https://).

Nordland, Rod. "Iran Plays Host to Delegations after Iraq Elections." New York Times, 1 Apr. 2010.

A publication in an online database:
Author. “Article Title.” Journal Title, Volume number, Issue number, Month or season (if available) Year, Page numbers. Name of Database, URL (without http:// or https://). Note: In terms of volume and issue, one or both may be available.

Chan, Evans. “Postmodernism and Hong Kong Cinema.” Postmodern Culture, vol. 10, no. 3, May 2000, pp. 17-18. Project Muse,