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NU 509: Health Informatics: Articles


Topic Selection & Search Strategies

Selecting a topic is one of the most important steps of your research. Defining and refining your topic is an ongoing process. Be prepared to adjust the focus of your topic as you gather more information.

Article Databases


Scholarly & Peer Reviewed   Beyond Library Collection
Advanced Search

Creating Screenshots

Found that perfect image or graph on a webpage and not sure how to transfer it to your MS Office document? Fortunately, there is a "PrintSc" (Screen Shot) key on your computer keyboard that allows you to duplicate images straight from your computer screen to your file! There are a couple ways to do this:

  • While viewing the desired webpage, hit "CTRL" + "PrintSc" key. You will then get a menu of MS Office apps - select any of them to paste your image directly to the new file you've created in Word, etc. Note: this will create an image of the entire screen.
  • You can also select just "PrintSc" while viewing the desired webpage. You will open a tool that lets you choose what part of the page you wish to copy. Select your graphic - when you let go of the mouse, you will get the menu of MS Office apps. You can follow steps above.
  • Search for the "Snipping Tool" in the Windows Accessories menu. Open it and select "New," then select the shape of the image you wish to snip, then draw the shape to copy. Hit "CTRL" + V to paste the saved image to an open document.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Journal Locator

Use Journal Locator to see if the Library has full text access to a journal or magazine, or to browse for articles in the title.

Interlibrary Loan

Can't find something you need?  The interlibrary loan service  at MU Library can obtain the books or articles you are looking for.