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FYHE 104: Health Occupations: Finding Articles

This guide has resources specifically for the First Year Seminar Introduction to Health Occupations


Scholarly & Peer Reviewed   Beyond Library Collection
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Popular vs. Scholarly Sources



Audience All readers Scholars and students
Appearance Glossy paper, many ads, and pictures Research articles with charts and graphics, few pictures
Author Freelance writers or journalists hired by magazine Professors, scholars or teachers in the field
Purpose Entertain and inform Publish new research in the field
References Very few citations References are listed at the end of each article
Authority Articles reviewed by magazine’s editors Articles undergo peer-review by scholars within the same field
Frequency Weekly or monthly Published a few times a year, quarterly
Examples Time, People Higher Education Research and Development



Search Google for information for websites and blogs. Tip: use "quotation marks" when searching for an exact phrase. "E.g. "stress management"

Google Web Search

Top Nursing & Health Studies Databases