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BK 401-01/50: Marketing Research: Websites

Company Websites

It's essential to check a company's website for:

  • Official documents like press releases & annual reports for information on products/services, insight into corporate philosophy and company structural health/goals.
  • Job listings, which provide information about characteristics a company may be looking for in an employee as well as required skills for specific positions.

You should also analyze competitor company websites for comparison/contrast.


Look for company information submitted to the Internal Revenue Service, including Form 990.

Company Information Websites

Using Websites in Research

Cultivate an attitude of skepticism when it comes to web-based content.  If you have any doubt whatsoever about the reliability of any given website, clear it with your instructor or check with a librarian before you use it in your paper.

Advertising & Marketing

Market Research


Searching a Company Website

Company websites can be complicated. Look for sitemap to locate specific materials, or use this handy trick:

  • Open Google search bar
  • Type in company website URL + ":" [colon symbol]
  • Add specific information or site location desired

Example: Jobs

Google will then display direct links to the jobs and careers section of the company website.

Spotlight Resource

"...published especially for those who don’t want to read piles of business facts but need to know what to make of them."

Forbes is a global media company that publishes both a popular print magazine and a multi-faceted web resource covering global business issues. The site offers an array of old and new media including daily reporting, podcasts, brand marketing feeds and a video channel, while the company brand has expanded to include conferences on a variety of topics.