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Guggenheim Library Faculty Research Guide: Home

An overview of resources and content available to faculty for use in their research

The Basic Library Search


HawkFind is our name for a tool we license from Proquest. Called "Summon", it searches across all of our databases, subscribed content, and library catalog in order to raise the chance that a useful result will occur. It is both a tool we recommend for an initial search, and also one that we suggest for performing interdisciplinary searches. For example, a search in HawkFind for "islamic tradition" returns results from anthropology (441), education (445), biology (98), economics (747), political science (1,237), and so forth. HawkFind is a good place to start, as it can also retrieve books and films from our physical collection, ebooks, and other items.

We recommend searching HawkFind as an initial step. Our more subject-specific databases contain search tools, indexes, filters, and other refinements that allow a much more specific search, depending on the subject field. For a review of some major databases, please click "The Major Databases" tab, above. A common question that we receive "which database do I use?" indicates that  this qustion is widespread. Having our own version of Google, for academic databases, helps keep searching within the domain of relevant research sources.

Find Books

Check for books on your research topic in the Monmouth University Library online catalog.

You can search by keyword, eg. psychology.

When searching for phrases use quotation marks, eg. "crisis management"

Searches can also be done by title, author, eg. Rogers, Carl, subject  "rational emotive psychotherapy" or ISBN number.

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