BE 403-01: Economic Growth and Development

Thanks for visiting! This research guide will help you find library and web resources for topics discussed in BE 403: Economic Growth & Development.

Searching Websites Effectively

Finding what you need on comprehensive websites can be time-consuming. Look for sitemap to locate specific materials, or use this handy trick:

  • Open Google search bar
  • Type in search term(s)
  • Type in "site" + ":" [colon symbol] followed by the URL.


Google corporate logo multicolored plus search bar showing search term, space, site:URL

This technique will yield search results for your keyword(s) only within the website URL.

Narrowing your results:

You can search by specific domains. For example, if you only want government jobs sites, you can search "jobs" +  "" .

You can also also search for specific file types. For example, to search for a PDF document on jobs, search "jobs" + filetype:PDF.

Data and Statistics Websites

Use these sites to locate detailed information on the countries of the world, including statistics, datasets and maps. This type of in-depth information will assist you in your study of international business and economics by enhancing your understanding of culture, customs and history of individual countries. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Retrieve United Nations data by country under country profiles and in datasets. For example, to locate country data in the Demographic & Social Stats Yearbook, navigate here and click on "view data." You can use the search menu at left to select a specific country. 
  • For other sites like the United Nations Human Development Reports, just look for a tab that says "country profiles" or a menu that says "countries."
  • To use the World Bank datasets (Databank, etc.) you will need to create an account and login each time. Look for a "login" widget to get started.
  • For the World Management Survey page, choose the "data" menu and then click the "International MOPS" to see the countries listing.
  • Some sites are harder to navigate, and you may not see these links or menus. In this case, use the site search function or use the Google search shortcut (see box on this page).
  • Don't forget to use the links in the Country Profiles below.

World Bank Resources

Many World Bank datasets are publicly accessible, but you must create an account first. Click anywhere you see "log in" to get started, and then login each time you access World Bank resources on this page.