MA 398-01: Special Topics in Mathematics

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cover image for: Educational studies in mathematics

Educational studies in mathematics

ISSN: 0013-1954 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed

05/01/1968 to 09/16/2018 in JSTOR

01/01/1997 to 09/16/2021 in Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) and Professional Development Collection

Journal for research in mathematics education

ISSN: 0021-8251 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed

Monmouth University Print Holdings

01/01/1970 to 09/16/2016 in JSTOR  |  03/01/1997 to 07/31/2003 in ProQuest Central

cover image for: The Journal of mathematical behavior

The Journal of mathematical behavior

Alternate Title: journal of mathematical behavior

ISSN: 0732-3123 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed

01/01/1995 to Present in ScienceDirect Freedom Collection 2019 and ScienceDirect Journals

The Mathematics teacher

ISSN: 0025-5769 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed

Monmouth University Print Holdings

09/01/1908 to 01/01/2016 in JSTOR  |  01/01/1992 to 10/31/2003 in ProQuest Central

Journal of urban mathematics education

eISSN: 2151-2612 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed Open Access: Open Access

01/01/2008 to Present in DOAJ Directory of Open Access Journals - Not for CDI Discovery

Teaching children mathematics

ISSN: 1073-5836 Peer Reviewed: Peer Reviewed

09/01/1994 to 05/31/2019 in JSTOR  |  05/01/1997 to 10/31/2003 in ProQuest Central

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