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HE 324: Human Sexuality: Articles

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Use the word "AND" to combine your keywords to make your search more specific.
eg. "substance abuse" AND domestic violence

Use synonyms and alternative terms. Related terms, broader or narrower, will also bring up relevant results.
teenagers | adolescents | youth

Use "quotation marks" to search for phrases.
"substance abuse"

Use Truncation "*" to search for words with common roots without entering them individually. 
eg. searching for teen* retrieves teen, teens, teenaged, teenagers

You can limit search results in many databases to academic/peer-reviewed journals, by publication date, or full-text only.

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·  Colorful covers

·   Glossy paper

·  Ads

·  Articles on current


·  General interest

·  Short articles

·  Written by general staff

·  Reviewed by general


·  No bibliographies

    or footnotes

·  Usually called magazine

·  Glossy

·  Ads

·  Articles on industry


·  Short articles

·  Written for members

of specific industry

·  Written by staff or

    experts in the field

·  Short or no



·  Plain cover, plain paper

·  No ads

·  Primary research, theories, methodologies

·  Lengthy, in-depth articles

·  Written for researchers &


·  Written by experts in the

    field & researchers

·  Peer review by subject


·  Extensive bibliographies &