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NU 518: Education and Motivation of Nursing Clients: Teaching Methods & Plans

Teaching (lesson) Plan

Teaching (lesson) Plan & Presentation

The teaching (lesson) plan should include the following:

The description of a target audience: children, women, students, patients, or families, and:

  • Overall goal of the teaching session
  • Measurable behavioral objectives with the domain identified for each objective
  • Detailed content outline - specific topics to be addressed
  • A variety of teaching strategies appropriate for the target group
  • Time allotted for each part of the content
  • All types of instructional materials needed for the teaching session
  • Method of evaluating the extent of learning
  • Reference list

Prepare your lesson plan consulting the framework in your textbook, and support with references in APA format.

Finding Articles on Teaching Methods

To find articles on various types of teaching methods, you can search the nursing databases using the phrase: teaching methods. You can also narrow down your results by adding the specific teaching method you will be using for your assignments, since many of them are also included in the databases.

The educational databases can also be searched for teaching methods and you will have a large number of results, but the articles are not all specific to nursing and health care.

Nursing & Sports Medicine Videos

Monmouth University databases with online streaming videos covering the fundamentals of nurse training and advanced topics and sports medicine.