NU 355: Research Methods in Nursing


ZoteroBib is a citation generator that can create citations for websites, newspapers, and DOI numbers. If ZoteroBib can't find your source automatically, you can enter the information manually to create the citation.

As with any automatically generated citation, you should always double-check that the formatting is correct.

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Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools help you format and keep track of your citations. They can also help you generate a reference list. See the Citation Management Tools guide for more information.

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APA Quick Reference Guide

APA: Anatomy of an Electronic Journal Citation

  • Only first word in article title should be capitalized.
  • Journal title and volume number should be in italics.

Citing Census Information

U. S. Census Bureau. (2018). Demographic and Housing Estimates, 2015-2019 American Community
  Survey 5-Year Data Profile
. Retrieved from

Paper Template for APA 7th Edition

Academic Writer

Please note: If you want to use Academic Writer to store references or write your paper, you will need to create an account using your MU email.

Managing Citations


This research platform offers tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation and collaborative research and writing. You will need to create a personal account to save your work. 


This platform offers tools that assist with collecting, organizing and citing research as well as for collaborative research and writing. You will need to create a personal account to save your work.

APA 7th Edition

How to Avoid Accidental (Unintentional) Plagiarism