HE 435: Promoting Health in Communities: Articles

This guide is specifically designed for the Health Studies course HE435 - Promoting Health in Communities

Tutorial: CINAHL

Journal Locator

Use Journal Locator to see if the Library has full text access to a journal or magazine, or to browse for articles in the title.

Finding Articles

To find research studies on health promotion, and improvement in lifestyles, you will need to consult our Research Databases for scholarly journal articles.  Below are some suggestions for databases that will be most helpful to you for the Community Assessment and Interventions papers in HE435.

The articles you find will be general items on your topic, not specific to your community. You may also try to find information in your local newspaper online.

Search tip: search using keywords for your topic and target group (e.g. nutrition and children, smoking cessation and adults)

Types of Magazines and Journals



Popular Magazines

Trade Journals

Scholarly Journals


All readers

Professionals working in a specific field. Example: Nurses

Scholars and Students


Glossy paper, many ads and pictures

Glossy paper, short articles, many ads and pictures

Research articles with charts and graphics, few pictures


Freelance writers or journalists hired by magazine

Members of the profession

Professors, scholars or teachers in the field


Entertain and inform

Keep professionals up to date with trends in the field

Publish new research in the field


Very few citations

Very few citations

References are listed at the end of each article


Articles reviewed by magazine’s editors

Articles reviewed by magazine’s editors

Articles undergo peer-review by scholars within the same field


Published weekly or monthly

Published weekly or monthly

Published a few times a year, quarterly


Time, People

Advertising Age, Education Week

Higher Education Research & Development



Google Scholar

If you try searching Google Scholar below, you may find some scholarly full-text materials available for free.  You can also check to see if we have them for free via one of our research databases.  Go to Journal Locator and type in the journal title in which the article was published.

Google Scholar Search