HS 101: Renaissance and Reformation

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France in the late 15th century

Books and the Discipline of History

The Scholarly Monograph continues to be a highly respected and well-recommended source of information for the study of history.  A scholarly monograph is a single-volume text written by a scholar in the field. It provides in-depth treatment of a particular problem or topic in the field.  Although it is written primarly for an academic audience, scholarly monographs provide reputable and substantial information for undergraduate researchers as well. 

Selected Books on Kings, Popes, and Power

Using the Library Catalog


Unless you know the title and/or author of the book you are looking for,  research topics should be searched by Keyword to maximize the number of references to a topic.

However, another way to search is to browse by Subject.  This strategy is especially useful if you are having trouble narrowing your topic. You may begin with the name of the nation you are studying, for example, "Scotland." The name of the nation is followed by the word "History."  This broad heading is in turn broken down by historical period, for example, 1057-1603.  

The Subject heading France History 16th Century yields a list of 8 books.

Books about Europe during the Renaissance and Reformation are to be found in the D section of the Library.  Subclass DA is used for books on the history of Great Britain.  Subclass DC covers books pertaining to history of France; subclass DD is devoted to Germany. You can discover the subclass by using the online catalog.  Each subclass is further broken down by numbers so as to narrow down to the period of history being studied.  For example, DA350-360 covers the Elizabethan period in England (1558-1603).

Selected Books on the Rise of Protestantism

Books are an invaluable resource to consult for topics in medienal European history.  Monmouth University Library holds a number of texts that would be useful for your assignment.  A keyword search "medieval crusades" yielded 17 titles.


Selected Books on Renaissance Art, Science, Culture

How to Navigate a Scholarly Monograph