HS 101: Europe in the Age of the Enlightenment

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England's Charles II, the "Merry Monarch"

Databases, listed on the right, will lead you to peer-reviewed journals, specific to the study of Europe during the 17th and early 18th century. Please note that articles published in peer-reviewed journals are reviewed by experts and rigorously vetted before publication. Popular magazines, such as the ones found on magazine racks of large booksellers or published on Google, are not peer-reviewed. 

Access to peer-reviewed materials is possible only through academic affiliation; i.e.,undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.


Spotlighted Scholarly Journals

Devoted to historical analysis from a global point of view, the Journal of World History features a range of comparative and cross-cultural scholarship and encourages research on forces that work their influences across cultures and civilizations. Themes examined include large-scale population movements and economic fluctuations; cross-cultural transfers of technology; the spread of infectious diseases; long distance trade; and the spread of religious faiths, ideas, and ideals

Restoration publishes new work in the field of English letters, arts, culture and society from 1660-1700.