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FY 101-HS: The Beatles: Periodicals (Print & Online)

Professor Campbell


Databases, listed on the right, will lead you to peer-reviewed journals, specific to the study of The Beatles and the Beatles era. Please note that articles published in peer-reviewed journals are reviewed by experts and rigorously vetted before publication. Popular magazines, such as the ones found on magazine racks of large booksellers or published on Google, are not peer-reviewed. 

Access to peer-reviewed materials is possible only through academic affiliation; i.e.,undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.

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Popular Music and Society, founded in 1971, publishes articles, book reviews, and audio reviews on popular music of any genre, time period, or geographic location. Popular Music and Society is open to all scholarly orientations toward popular music, including (but not limited to) historical, theoretical, critical, sociological, and cultural approaches. The terms "popular" and "society" are broadly defined to accommodate a wide range of articles on the subject.