Library Research Awards

2011 Award Recipients

Kimberly Morté and Kathleen Cook Named Recipients of the

2011 Library Research Awards


Graduate Award

Kimberly Morte’s research paper, His Words are Magnificent: A Study of the Created Language in the Literature of Dr. Seuss was written for her fall 2010 Linguistics class.  The project was nominated for the award by English faculty member Professor Heide Estes. The research paper explores the language of Dr. Seuss from “morphological and phonological angles with concentration on the concept of blending to create new lexemes”, as described in Kimberly’s abstract.


Undergraduate Award
Kathleen Cook’s research paper, Allies Don’t Use the G-word: The Armenian Genocide and American Diplomacy, was written for her Senior Seminar in U.S. History in the fall of 2010.  It was nominated by Professor Christopher DeRosa in History and Anthropology.  Kathleen’s paper examined how the United States responded to the Armenian Genocide and the involvement of the U.S. government in other genocides.