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The Italian Campaign

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The Normandy Invasion

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  • Unless you know the title and/or author of the book you are looking for, history topics should be searched by Keyword to maximize the number of references to a topic.
  • Another way to search is to browse by Subject.  A subject search is good option if you are trying to narrow down an overly broad topic.  For example, World War, 1939-1945 is broken down into 863 subtopics.  For the entry World War 1939 1945 Sources, 10 books are listed. 
  • The word "sources" appearing next to an entry is usually a good indication that the text is at least in part a primary source.  You can increase your chances of turning up primary sources by adding terms such as "sources," "letters," "diaries," "personal narrative" etc. to your keyword search term.

The Third Reich

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