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AN 306: Food & Culture: Find Books/Media

Professor Bludau


Food & Globalization

Find Books

Using the Library Catalog

Unless you know the title and/or author of the book you are looking for,  research topics should be searched by Keyword to maximize the number of references to a topic.

However, another way to search is to browse by Subject.  This strategy is especially useful if you are having trouble narrowing your topic.

Books about topics pertaining to anthropology are to be found in the GN section of the Library.   Each subclass is further broken down by numbers so as to narrow down by subdiscipline. For example, GN 406-442  is used for books on material culture.

Bear in mind that Anthropology is an extremely cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary field of study.  Thus, many resources can be found all over the library.

Some useful search terms are "food habits," "food supply," "cookery," "foodways."

Selected Books on Modern Production & Consumption

Theoretical Considerations

Interlibrary Loan

Can't find something you need?  The interlibrary loan service can obtain the books or articles you are looking for.

Google Books Search

Google Book Search

Food-- Prehistory and the Ancient World