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My Buddy: The WWII 369th Documentary Project: Documentary Project Team Members

Gloria Brown Simmons, MFA, MSVS

Project Advisor

Adjunct Professor, Chemistry and Physics, Monmouth University


Lisa Cureton, MA

Production Manager


Michelle DeFossett, MBA

Associate Producer

Affiliate Faculty, Monmouth University


William DeFossett, BA

Associate Producer

Director at WHCR - 90.3 FM Radio Station, NYC


Chad Dell, PhD

Principle Investigator/Executive Producer/Director

Associate Professor of Communication, Monmouth University


Walter Greason, PhD


Chair and Associate Professor of Educational Counseling and Leadership, Monmouth University


Nancy Mezey, PhD

Principle Investigator/Executive Producer

Dean of the Honors School and Professor of Sociology, Monmouth University


Jeffrey Sammons, PhD

Chief Historical Consultant

Professor of History, New York University


Hettie Williams, PhD


Assistant Professor of History, Monmouth University


Melissa Ziobro, MA


Specialist Professor of History, Monmouth University