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CO 301: Communication Theory: Home

Communication Theories

Communication theory provides explanations about how and why humans communicate in a variety of situations.


Agenda Setting Theory

Classical Rhetoric

Cultivation Theory

Elaboration Likelihood Model

Information Theories

Narrative Paradigm


Social Judgment Theory

Social Penetration Theory

Spiral of Silence

Standpoint Theory

Symbolic Interaction Theory

Relational Dialectics Theory

Uncertainty Reduction Theory


Communication Theorists



George Gerbner

R. E. Petty

Shannon and Weaver


This research guide is designed to highlight communication theory resources available through the Monmouth University Library. It also provides links to important web resources offering a wide array of freely available information. Please use the tabs at the top for resource categories.

Tips on Writing Your Paper

If you need additional help with selecting a topic, searching, or writing your paper, please review the guide on the research process that takes you step-by-step through the process.

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