The Dorn-Severini Historic Photography Collection

Welcome to The Dorn-Severini Historic Photography Collection at the Monmouth University Murry & Leonie Guggenheim Memorial Library! This libguide was designed by Professor Melissa Ziobro's Spring 2020 Introduction to Public History class. The group researched and wrote the text, selected the images used, and built the page. We believe this to be the most comprehensive source on the web for information related to the Collection and the Dorns. We are grateful to Mr. George Severini, University Librarian Kurt Wagner, and Specialist Librarian Christine Forbes for their help in this endeavor. 

As you explore the libguide, we hope you enjoy learning a bit about the Dorn family, their collection, historic Monmouth County, and Public History at Monmouth U! Questions about this libguide can be directed to Professor Ziobro ( or Kurt Wagner ( Mr. Wagner can also facilitate access to the Collection as needed.