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Citation Help

Citation Help

Here are some great resources to help with proper citation styles:

For detailed information on how to use NoodleTools, please see the library's NoodleTools Research & Citation Manager research guide.

Zotero also offers a citation generator called ZoteroBib - see box on this page for details!

Citation Style Guides

A citation serves two main purposes: it gives credit to the author, artist, or creator, and it allows your reader to find the book, article, or photograph.

A style guide shows you how to format your footnotes, bibliographies, or works cited lists. The style format you use (ALA, MLA, Chicago) depends on your field of inquiry.

Citation style manuals are available at the Reference Desk as well as online

What Citation Style Should I Use?

The citation style and formatting you should use depends on your audience, your discipline, and for assignments, your instructor.

For help writing or picking a style, ask your instructor, a librarian, or the Writing Center.

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