Political Science

This guide is designed to help you locate resources for topics related to Political Science in the U.S.


Online Documents & Publications

When researching political science topics, don't forget about public information, including documents and other publications. Click the links below to get started. Note: there is no one source for this type of material--use the Google search tip below to easily search within websites.

Searching Websites Effectively

Finding what you need on comprehensive websites can be time-consuming. Look for sitemap to locate specific materials, or use this handy trick:

  • Open Google search bar
  • Type in search term(s)
  • Type in "site" + ":" [colon symbol] followed by the URL.


Google corporate logo multicolored plus search bar showing search term, space, site:URL

This technique will yield search results for your keyword(s) only within the website URL.

Narrowing your results:

You can search by specific domains. For example, if you only want government jobs sites, you can search "jobs" +  "" .

You can also also search for specific file types. For example, to search for a PDF document on jobs, search "jobs" + filetype:PDF.