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Social Workers & Libraries

NJTV News | Social workers deploy their skills at the local library | Season 2019 | PBS

Long Branch has the only library system in the state to have a full-time social worker.

Featuring Monmouth University Alum's David Perez. Currently a Social Worker for the Long Branch Public Library System.

Why your local library might be hiring a social worker

Yanna McGraw works at the Central Library in downtown Indianapolis. A big part of her job is building relationships with visitors and helping answer their questions. But the information she provides is rarely about books. Instead, McGraw answers queries about the workings of the Department of Child Services.

Guidance for Social Work Positions at the Library

by PLA Social Worker Task Force on September 14, 2021 Created by the Public Library Association Social Worker Task Force Social workers try to "meet their clients where they are." Increasingly, people experiencing life challenges are going to the public library, therefore more libraries are bringing in social work expertise to assist these patrons.