HO 296-SS: Honors Thesis-Capstone Prep

This guide is designed to help you locate resources for HO 296-SS: Honors Thesis-Capstone Prep

Why Use Books in Library Research?

Books and Ebooks can be very useful at the beginning of your project when you're doing background or in-depth research on a topic:

  • Reference books can help with definitions, pronunciation, basic facts 
  • Include detailed information on a topic as well as related issues
  • Provide overview and background
  • May include an index with quick access to key people, places, dates
  • Academic books rigorously researched and vetted

Finding Books at the MU Library


Below are a few suggested E-Book titles on writing and research from the Monmouth University Library catalog. To locate more, use "advanced search" mode and select "E-Book" under the "Location" menu. To view an E-Book, click its title and look for the "Connect to" box.

Suggested Books

Below are some suggested titles in our collection on conducting academic research. Use the Monmouth University Library catalog to discover more valuable resources.

Searching With Subject Headings

Once you find a book on your topic, be sure to look at the book's subject heading. Following the link to this heading will take you to other books on your topic.

Screenshot of catalog record showing shelf location, book call number and subject heading.