Guggenheim Library Faculty Guide

An overview of resources and content available to faculty for use in their research
  • Academic Writer (formerly APA Style Central)
    Academic Writer is a tool that provides the resources necessary to learn, research, write, and publish in APA Style, directly from the creators of and experts on APA Style, the American Psychological Association.
  • Chicago Manual of Style The Chicago Manual of Style Online is completely searchable and easy to use, providing quick answers to your style and editing questions. The Q & A content is fully searchable along with the content of The Chicago Manual of Style. The Chicago Manual of Style Online also provides convenient Tools, such as sample forms, letters, and style sheets.
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) 9th ed.Entries in the works-cited list are created using the MLA template of core elements—facts common to most sources, like author, title, and publication date. To use the template, evaluate the work you’re citing to see which elements apply to the source. Then, list each element relevant to your source in the order given on the template.
  • NoodleTools
    NoodleTools supports the research process with a platform of integrated tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.
  • Purdue OWL
  • Zotero
    Zotero is designed to store, manage, and cite bibliographic references, such as books and articles. In Zotero, each of these references constitutes an item. More broadly, Zotero is a powerful tool for collecting and organizing research information and sources. Harvard University provides a guide for use of Zotero at
  • Mendeley guide provided by Cambridge University at
  • EndNote guide provided by Borwn University at