Monmouth County, 9/11, and Its Aftermath

The following is a selection of donated documents that help to tell the story of Monmouth County, 9/11, and Its Aftermath.

This page will be updated frequently throughout the Fall of 2021, so we encourage you to visit us again. 

Memories of 9/11 on the Tenth Anniversary of the Attacks

Wendy Feinberg-Kotula lost her husband Alan Feinberg, an FDNY firefighter, at Ground Zero on September 11th. For the tenth anniversary of the attacks, she asked people to write about where they were on 9/11, and how it impacted their lives. Responses poured in, with all writers knowing their memories would be made public some day. Wendy kindly shared her compendium with us, to help ensure the widest possible dissemination of this moving material. 

Creating the Monmouth County 9/11 Memorial at Mount Mitchill

Mike Harmon's family company, Harmon Associates CPAs, was heavily involved in the aftermath of 9/11 and spent almost five years working with dozens of companies and survivors at the WTC on business interruption, extra expense and business recovery. He served as one of the original Monmouth County 9/11 Memorial Committee members, and shares his recollections of the Committee's work in this September 2021 account.