Scholarly Communication

Information for faculty and administrators on academic publishing
     Traditional publishing           Open Access publishing     
Scholar produces an academic manuscript, then sends it to the editor of a scholarly journal Same
Editor reviews the manuscript, then sends it to peer reviewers Same
Peer reviewers review the manuscript and return it to the editor with comments, suggestions, and recommendations Same
Editor makes a final decision concerning acceptance, acceptance with modification, or rejection Same
Author gives all copyright permissions to the publisher, who assumes all costs in publication Costs of publication are usually funded by the authors in the form of "author fees," or "article processing fees". These costs may be offset by institutional agreements with publishers or paid for by institutions.
Editors play a gatekeeping role Same
Journals require a subscription, books a purchase price Materials usually are free to use
Creators of scholarly works must pay for access Materials usually are free to use
Others paying for access: libraries and institutions Materials are usually free to use
Indexed and abstracted in multiple discovery platforms Same