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Databases, listed on the right, will lead you to peer-reviewed journals, specific to the study of European History. Please note that articles published in peer-reviewed journals are reviewed by experts and rigorously vetted before publication. Non-peer reviewed journals, such as the ones found on magazine racks of large booksellers or published on Google, are not peer-reviewed. 

Access to peer-review materials is possible only through academic affiliation; i.e.,undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.

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Cross-Disciplinary Topics

History can be said to be the discipline that studies other disciplines.  It is inherently interdisciplinary.  One discipline with which history is closely allied is literature. 

To search for information about the literature of an historical period, use the  MLA International Bibliography (Ebsco)

You can also learn about the history of another discipline by utilizing the databases specific to that discipline.  For example, you can learn about the history of Education by searching the permier database for that discipline--ERIC Database (Ebsco)

Anthropology is an allied discipline.  AnthroSource is a standard databases for Anthropology.