Professional Counseling

Welcome! This guide identifies key resources for students in the Professional Counseling program.

Media Resources

Counseling and Therapy in Video is a collection of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling videos.Videos support discussions of themes such as aging, education, family relationships, gender, race, sex, and substance abuse.


Media Collection

The Monmouth University Library has a growing media collection, including Videotapes and DVDs on various disciplines. Videos may be borrowed by faculty (one week) or students (2 days) for viewing in classrooms or at home. We also have several media viewing stations and headphones for use in the library. Some of the titles available for psychology and counseling include:

Beyond Conviction  KF1328 B49 2007  (Media Coll.)

Discovering Psychology BF698.9 S55 D57 1989 (Media Coll.)

Early Childhood Cognitive Development BF723 C5 E27 2008 (Media Coll.)

Faces of the Enemy BF575.H6 F32 2005 (Media Coll.)

Fearless PN1997 .F4375477 1999 (Media Coll.)

Learning in Context: Probing the Theories of Piaget and Vygotski BF318 L389 2004 

The Psychology of Learning - v.2 Cognitive Development BF318 P8 2003 (Media Coll.)

Play: a Vygotskian Approach LB1117 .P63 1996 (Media Coll.)

Playing and Pretending Spontaneous Drama with Children BF717 .P58 1973 (Media Coll)

Science of Babies RJ134 .S34 2006 (Media Coll.)

Taboo GN471.4 .T3365 2005 (Media Coll.)