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Computer Science & Software Engineering: Periodicals (Print & Online)


Databases, listed on the right, will lead you to peer-reviewed journals, specific to the study of Computer Science & Software Englineering. Please note that articles published in peer-reviewed journals are reviewed by experts and rigourously vetted before publication. Non-peer reviewed journals, such as the ones found on magazine racks of large booksellers or published on Google, are not peer-reviewed. 

Access to peer-reviewed materials is possible only through academic afficiation; i.e.,undergrauates, graduates, and faculty.

Interlibrary Loan

Can't find something you need?  The interlibrary loan service can obtain the books or articles you are looking for.


Multisubject Databases may also be consulted:

Journal Locator

Use to check the Library's holdings for the journal you want.  It is possible that the article you want is not available in a database, but is available in print.  Print holdings of journals can be found on the Library's lower level.  These are shelved alphabetically according to title. 

Google Scholar

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