HS 359: The Holocaust

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Historical atlas of the Holocaust. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum REF G1797.21 E29 H5 1996

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust. Israel Gutman (editor) REF D 804.3 E53 1990

The Nazi Holocaust: historical articles on the destruction of European Jews Michael R. Marrus (editor) REF D804.3.N39

Circulating MU Books (sample)

Frank, Anne Diary of a young girl D810 J4 F715 1952b

Crowe, David. The Holocaust: roots, history, and aftermath D804.3 C77 2008

Lang, Berel. Post-Holocaust : interpretation, misinterpretation, and the claims of history D804.348 L36 2005

Struk, Janina. Photographing the Holocaust : interpretations of the evidence D804.32 S77 2004

Friedman, Saul A history of the Holocaust D804.3 F755 2004

Schweber, Simone. Making sense of the Holocaust: lessons from classroom practice D804.33 S35 2004

Bartov, Omer. Germany's war and the Holocaust: disputed histories D804.3 B362 2003

Bazyler, Michael J. Holocaust justice : the battle for restitution in America's courts KF6075 B39 2003

Mikhman, Dan. Holocaust historiography : a Jewish perspective: conceptualizations, terminology, approaches, and fundamental D804.348 M52 2003

Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan. After the Holocaust : Polish-Jewish conflict in the wake of World War II DS135.P6 C53 2003

Gallant, Mary J. Coming of age in the Holocaust: the last survivors remember D804.3 G353 2002

Bauer, Yehuda. Rethinking the Holocaust D804.348 B39 2001

Reading, Anna. The social inheritance of the Holocaust:gender, culture, and memory D804.3 R42 2002

Guttenplan, D. D. The Holocaust on trial   KD379.5.I78 G88 2001

Wistrich, Robert S.  Hitler and the Holocaust   D804.3 W469 2001

Fischel, Jack. Historical dictionary of the Holocaust D804.25 F57 1999

Fischel, Jack. The Holocaust D 804.3 F58 1998

Novick, Peter The Holocaust in American life D804.45 U55 N68 1999

Baigell, Matthew. Jewish-American artists and the Holocaust  N 6538 J4 B35 1997

Greenspan, Henry. On listening to Holocaust survivors: recounting and life history D804.195 G74

Brenner, Michael. After the Holocaust: rebuilding Jewish lives in postwar Germany DS 135 G33 B7513 1997

 Piotrowski, Tadeusz, Poland's Holocaust: ethnic strife, collaboration with occupying forces and genocide in the Second Republic DK 4400 P56 1998


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