AN 380: American Diversity

Use Reputable Sites!

Or the angels will weep for you....

Unsure about a Given Web Site?

Cultivate an attitude of skepticism when it comes to web-based content.  If you have any doubt whatsoever about the reliability of any given website, clear it with your instructor or check with a librarian before you use it in your paper.

Useful Links

 If you want to "play it safe," you  should check with your instructor or a librarian about any website you plan to use for your presentation.  There is much information out there on the WWW that is not reputable, accurate and trustworthy to use for this research project.  A few that seem useful are listed below:

Why Can't I Just Google?

Just goes to show that US students are not the only ones who sometimes want to Google their way through academic research!  Also see "Just Google It: How Search Engines Stunt College Students' Research Skills."

Courtesy of Sandi Monaghan, Library Officer, Communications and Online Learning Library on behalf of La Trobe UniversityLibrary.