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What is is Juneteenth, and why is it important?

June 19, 1865 - General Order No.3 Historical Document

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This order represents the Federal Government’s final execution and fulfillment of the terms of the Emancipation Proclamation. The people to whom this order was addressed were the last group of Americans to be informed that all formerly enslaved persons were now free. The effects of this order would later be celebrated as the Juneteenth holiday.

Source: General Order No. 3, issued June 19, 1865. (RG 393, Part II, Entry 5543, District of Texas, General Orders Issued), National Archives Catalog 

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Flags That Have Special Meaning for Juneteenth

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The Juneteenth Flag was designed to tell the story of Juneteenth. The colors: The colors of the American flag - red, white, and blue. This is to say that the people freed in Texas were American citizens. The 5-point star is a symbol for Texas (the Lone Star State). Texas is where the Juneteenth holiday started. They added the big star to tell about the spread of freedom.  (Source: Smithsonian; Image: WikiCommons) 

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The African Liberation Flag (created 1920)

People designed this flag to tell the story of the unity among people from Africa. The colors: Red to stand for struggle and sacrifice; black to stand for Black people; green to stand for the natural wealth of the land of Africa. (Source: Smithsonian; Image: WikiCommons) 

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Slave Market in Atlanta Georgia, 1864. Image: WikiCommons