CO 225: Business & Professional Communication: Websites

This guide is designed to help you locate resources for topics discussed in CO225, Business & Professional Communication

Company Websites

Check the company's website for information about corporate culture, products and job opportunities. The website gives a good "feel" for the company and what's important to them. Look at job ads to see what type of employees the company is seeking and the required skills for those positions.

You should also analyze competitor company websites for comparison/contrast.

When researching corporate websites to gain an understanding of the information and image that the individual company is looking to portray, keep in mind that this information should not be mistaken for unbiased reporting/data.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Use Google Scholar to search the web for scholarly articles; resources with full-text availability will display a link. Click menu option at upper left to use advanced search feature.

What to Look For

When evaluating a web news source, look for:

Domain Name – Does the story’s domain contain a country code instead of .com? This can be an indicator that you are looking at a fake news source.

Contact Page – Many legitimate news sites contain a “contact us” page. Sites that lack a “contact us” page should be questioned.

Advertisements – Many "fake news" sites contain ads for questionable content or products that do not appear on most legitimate news sources. Keep an eye out for the kind of advertisements that are shown on the page.

Source: ListenWise

Career Exploration

Websites for Corporate & Career Information

Searching a Company Website

Company websites can be complicated. Look for sitemap to locate specific materials, or use this handy trick:

  • Open Google search bar
  • Type in company website URL + ":" [colon symbol]
  • Add specific information or site location desired

Example: Jobs

Google will then display direct links to the jobs and careers section of the company website.

Nonprofit Information

About Form 990:

IRS Form 990 reports are an excellent source of data about nonprofit organizations. These reports are filed in order to satisfy IRS public information requirements.