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BM 510: Business Research, Analysis and Communication: Getting Started


Thanks for visiting! This research guide will help you find library and web resources for topics discussed in BM 510: Business Research, Analysis and Communication.

Conducting Research

See the Library's Guide to the Research Process for tips on conducting research, from selecting a topic to writing your paper.

Where to Begin

General background information is helpful in the early stages of a research project. These databases are an excellent place to begin.

Emotion & Critical Thinking

"When humans are angry and fearful, their critical thinking skills diminish," says Claire Wardle of FirstDraft. If a news story has provoked a strong reaction in you, stop and put your critical thinking skills to work! How to Know What to Trust from the News Literacy Project is an excellent guide to developing critical thinking skills. 

Why Should I Use Reference Resources?

Beginning your research with reference resources helps you discover background information like terminology, central figures and dates and an overview of existing literature on your topic. Look for:

  • Definitions of key terms
  • Historical context
  • Biographical information
  • Critical interpretation of texts
  • Bibliographies detailing relevant scholarship

What is Media Literacy?

Media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create and act using all forms of communication. It's an essential life skill that empowers you to be both a critical thinker and an effective communicator.

Media literacy is just one branch of the literacy tree

Sources: The National Association for Media Literacy Education, the University of Iowa Center for Teaching & Project Look Sharp.


Use these specialized reference texts to get an overview of the subject, or to familiarize yourself with terminology and key concepts.


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