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The Julian Abele Project: Abele on the Map

Our focus in this libguide is on Julian Abele's relationship to Monmouth University's Great Hall, but our building is but one of Abele's creations. Biographer Dreck Spurlock Wilson credits the architect with over 200 buildings! As noted in an earlier section of this libguide, it can be difficult to ascertain which buildings are uniquely Abele's for a number of reasons. And we would be remiss if we did not note that there are some today, like the author of this piece on Hidden City, who argue, "misconceptions, exaggerations, and falsehoods about Julian Abele continue to abound. And some of these Abele myths, it pains me to say, actually give Abele too much credit."

But there is consensus on many of the buildings. From Providence to the Piedmont, click **here** to explore some of what are most certainly Julian Abele's works across the East Coast. You can then click each point on the map for more information on each location. Thanks to the Monmouth University GIS Program for their help creating this map. 

(You can view a gallery of more buildings by the Office of Horace Trumbauer, here.)