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Use this guide to navigate the information and resources available on the Cabells Journalytics database.


The Cabells Journalytics database has been significantly upgraded as of 2023. This page outlines some of its key new features. To get started using Cabells Journalytics, be sure to use the access link at the upper right of the homepage (see image below).

graphic showing red arrow to Cabells "access" logo

Images on this page courtesy Cabells Journalytics.

Guided Search

New this year is a Guided Search module that allows you to:

  • Search for a journal by title, discipline, ISSN or keyword.
  • Order your verified journal results list based on a specific metric (acceptance rate, etc.) - click the arrow at upper right
  • Jump directly to one of 18 academic disciplines
  • Search predatory and verified journals simultaneously (click All Journals tab)
  • Filter results to see predatory or verified journals only (click tab)


graphic showing guided search features

Expanded Predatory Journals Evaluation Tools

  • Journal identification – each report provides the title, publisher, discipline(s), ISSN (if available), and website links for journal discovery and confirmation
  • Violation categories – journal reports monitor the areas in which the deceptive behaviors occurred
  • Violation severity – reports also track the severity of the deceptive behaviors

graphic showing predatory and verified journal comparison

New Journal Evaluation Metrics

New metrics for evaluation of journals include:

  • Open Access details – copyrights, archiving, and access details
  • Fees – who pays for publishing articles and how much?
  • Article output – how often does a journal publish per year?
  • SDG Impact IntensityTM metric - does the publication operate using U.N sustainability standards?

graphic showing new evaluation metrics