Cabells Directories

Use this guide to navigate the information and resources available on the Cabells Journalytics database.

Using Journal Metrics

From any journal's detailed record, click "Metrics" (below journal title) to view information on metrics like topics covered, acceptance rate, citation frequency or the Cabells Altmetric Report.

Cabells Classification Index

The Cabells Classification Index is a system that ranks academic journals based on subjects they cover.

Click on a discipline type to view a breakdown of topics covered within the journal.

Cabells Altmetric Report

The Cabells Altmetric Report contains data on the frequency and location of a journal's article mentions in social media like Google, Twitter and Facebook. Click the Altmetric Report logo at the top right of the detail box to view.

Acceptance Rate

Each journal is ranked as to how difficult it is to have work published in it. The higher the ranking percentage, the greater the difficulty.