The U.S. Census: Publications & Multimedia

Information about the U.S. Census and how it can be used in academic research.

The U.S. Census is your go-to source not just for reliable data, analysis and reports, but for multimedia, info graphics and topical blogs.

Publications List

The Census Bureau issues hundreds of publications annually, including data sets, reports and trend analyses. Click here to view a list of publications by type. Of particular interest to academic researchers are:

Census Briefs - Data on topics of current interest presented in narrative style and accompanied by charts and tables. Useful for economic and demographic information.

Factfinders - Topical documents delineating the range of census materials available on a given subject, with suggestions for use.

Statistical Abstracts - Comprehensive collections of statistics on the social, political and economic organization of the United States. Published by the Census Bureau through 2011 and subsequently by Proquest. NOTE: To access the most current data, please refer either to the organizations cited in the source notes for each table of the Statistical Abstract or to the most recent Proquest Statistical Abstract, which may be found at the library's reference desk. 

Census Library

Audio - Official audio files from the Census Bureau, including "Profile America," a daily series of bite-sized statistics, placing current data in a historical context.

Blogs - Census bureau staff discuss topics of interest.

Fact Sheets - Census topics at a glance, published in multiple languages.

Geographic Reference Files - Geographic Reference Files are documents that list codes for geographic entities. These include Relationship Files, Gazetteer Files, Block Assignment Files, and Tally Files.

Infographics & Visualizations - Created using latest available Census data, these visual aids are useful for presentations and reports.

Photos - Official operations, activities and stock photos released by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Video - Official Census Bureau videos about latest projects, events and activities.

Working Papers - U.S. Census Bureau "Working Papers" have not undergone the review and editorial process generally accorded official Census Bureau publications. These working papers are intended to make results of Census Bureau research available to others and to encourage discussion on a variety of topics.

Annual Surveys

In addition to the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau conducts household and business surveys every single year. Click here for information about these annual Census surveys, frequently asked questions, and the people to contact if you need help.