The U.S. Census: Using the Census

Information about the U.S. Census and how it can be used in academic research.

Although U.S. Census data plays a vital role in federal, state and local government operations, it also benefits businesses, colleges and universities, nonprofits and the general public in myriad ways.

Public Policy

The U.S. Census Bureau provides data for the Federal, state and local governments as well as voting, redistricting, apportionment and congressional affairs. Among its many uses, this data assists stakeholders in formulating policy, administering programs and determining congressional representation.

Source: U.S. Census


The U.S. Census Statistics in Schools program (SIS) brings school subjects to life, using real-world statistics to create free, customizable educational materials for use by K-12 students.  The materials are created in partnership with teachers with lesson plans in mind and help students prepare for an increasingly data-driven world.

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The U.S. Census provides a wealth of data and reports that are used not only for academic and medical research, but in a variety of fields such as international trade, emergency management and business and economic planning. You can view a detailed list of topics, or browse by subject area:.

Source: U.S. Census