The U.S. Census: Assessing the 2020 Census

Information about the U.S. Census and how it can be used in academic research.

Census Quality Check Results

In early 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau began its post-enumeration assessment of the overall success of the Census count. The Census Bureau conducts this survey after each national census in order to evaluate accuracy of the count and to facilitate improvements to procedures and processes. Results of the post-count quality check of the 2020 Census indicate the following:

  • Highly accurate overall count 
  • Ongoing issue with undercounting of communities of color
  • Not all states were counted equally well

Recommended actions for improvement include expansion of access to online Census forms and increased funding at  the state level.



Census Data Quality

The Census quality check includes several key features:

  • Operational check, which assesses overall data collection processes
  • Internal & external, independent reviews of design & implementation
  • Comparison checks to similar demographic data

Visit the data quality analysis page for detailed reports and further information.