Education: Books

Selected resources in the Monmouth University Library useful for locating information in the field of Education.

Google Books Search

To locate books on the web, you can try searching Google Books below. They will not necessarily be available in our library, but you can request them via Interlibrary Loan by filling out the online form.  Check the MU Catalog first!

Google Book Search


Click the link to view Monmouth University Library's collection of ebooks on education.  

Find Books at the MU Library

Use the MU Catalog to locate books.

Use Keyword to search the entire record for the terms you enter. Use quotation marks when entering a phrase, for example, "social media."

For Title searches, omit "The" at the beginning.

For Author searches, use the last name first.

Use Advanced Search to limit by date or location.

Library Floor Plan

MU Catalog Tutorial

Search Tips

Education theories and topics (i.e. inclusion, multiculturalism, special education) should be searched as "Keyword" to maximize the number of references to a topic. 

When a subject heading is known, search the "Subject Heading" index.  Examples of Library of Congress Subject Headings are: "education", "special education", and "inclusive education".  When you type in a specific Subject Heading, an alphabetical list will appear to help you narrow or broaden your searching.

Most books about education are found in the "L" section (L, LA, LB, etc.).

See Juvenile Collection tab for information about children's books in the MU Library.