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Education: Websites

Selected resources in the Monmouth University Library useful for locating information in the field of Education.

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Education Websites

Evaluating Websites Video

Evaluating Websites

The Internet provides access to a wide variety of sources, created by various individuals and groups. You should always evaluate the credibility of a website before using it as a source for your research. Some criteria you should keep in mind when evaluating a site:



Does the author provide email or contact information?

What are their credentials?


Why was the page created?

Who is the audience?

Does it support scholarly research?


Was it updated recently?

Do the links work?

Is the information outdated?


Is the information biased?

Is there a conflict of interest?

Are the facts accurate?


What type of domain? .gov (government) .edu (educational)

.org (non-profit) .com (is it a reputable author or company?)


Google Web Search

Google Web Search