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Climate Change at Monmouth: Other Library Collections

Basic info & further study.

Special Collections

The Lewis Mumford Collection contains several volumes of interest, including the following:

Gutkind, Erwin A.

THE EXPANDING ENVIRONMENT; THE END OF CITIES, THE RISE OF COMMUNITIES - HT 361 G88 - Annotated by Lewis Mumford and inscribed to him by the author. -Published in London by Freedom Press in 1953.

REVOLUTION OF ENVIRONMENT - HN 18 G8 - Annotated by Lewis Mumford. -  Published in London by K. Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd. in 1946.


Glikson, Artur

THE ECOLOGICAL BASIS OF PLANNING  EDITED BY LEWIS MUMFORD - HT 391 G54 - Annotated and autographed by Lewis Mumford. -Published in The Hague by Nijhoff in 1971.

New Jersey Collection