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Graduate Reference Assistant Program: Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the library have the textbook for my biology class?

The Library does not purchase textbooks for classes due to frequent updates and editions. Sometimes, a professor may put a book on reserve at the circulation desk to be used in the Library. Or, the Library may have copies of literary works that are assigned for classes. Check the MU Catalog by book title or author to see if it is available in the library. Textbooks are available for purchase at the University bookstore.

Where can I find this book in the library? I looked up the call number: R858 P83 2014

Check the MU Catalog using the call # search to confirm the availability and location of the book. If the record indicates "Main" for its location it is a circulating book. Use the Library floor plan to show the student patron where the book is located. Instruct the patron to check the book ranges noted at the end of each stack to help locate the book. Some books may be in reference or the oversize collection, be sure to let the patron know where those collections are located.

Where is the best place to search for articles for my Health class?

For discipline-specific topics, the Library's Research Guides are a good starting point for identifying databases for the discipline. General guides for most departments are available. The patron should also be referred to the liaison librarian for that department for assistance in developing effective search strategies.

Can I reserve a study room?

The Library has study rooms on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors. Reservations can be made be made at: or call conference services at 732 571-3473.

How do I cite this article correctly in APA format?

Citation manuals for APA, MLA, Chicago, and American Medical Association styles are available at the reference desk. You can also refer the patron to guides developed by the MU Tutoring & Writing Center or OWL at Purdue website. For more complex citation queries, refer the question to a Reference Librarian.

Where is the Great Hall located on campus?

The Great Hall is on the other side of campus. Check the Campus map to show the patron how to get there.